Application Processing Policy

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We have multiple applicants on each rental and time is of the essence. Delaying any part of the process will result in us moving on to the next applicant.

Our Application Steps:

  1. Application processing: We process applications as we receive them. All required and verifiable application documents must be received to complete processing. If all required and verifiable applications documents are not received within the timeframe requested after we begin processing your application, we will move on to the next application. Your application fee will not be refunded.
  2. Income/rental information: We will thoroughly review income and rental information provided
  3. Approvals and denials: We will send application determinations as they are made based on our approval criteria. You will receive an email. Be sure to check your email often.
  4. First months rent payment: You will receive an email to set up your tenant portal. Security deposit must be paid before keys will be provided.
  5. Additional lease documents: Return all required documentation i.e.  insurance documents, utility transfer confirmation, pet documents etc. We will not proceed to lease completion until all requested documents are received.
  6. Lease completion: you will receive your lease via email for electronic review and signature. You have the option to print a paper version.
  7. Schedule move in: Once the above items have been completed, we will contact you to schedule for you to receive keys at the move in inspection.

We will EMAIL approval or denial information once we reach your application.

Other application policies:

  • If we do not reach your application in line, we will refund the application fee. This could take up to 2 weeks to process depending on your position in line and your credit card policy.
  • Due to the volume of applicants, we are unable to update you on status until your application is approved, denied or refunded.
  • If you have applied without viewing the unit, the acceptance policy timeline still applies. We may not be able to accommodate a showing within the required unit acceptance timeline. We strongly recommend that you view the unit before submitting an application.
  • Read the approval criteria page carefully before applying. Application fees are not refundable.
  • Misleading or untrue information on an application will result in denial.