Tenant FAQ

You can view our credit score and other requirements on our Approval Criteria page.

We welcome cats and most dogs. You can view our breed restriction list and other pet information on our Pet Policy page.

We process applications quickly! Most of the time you will hear from us by email within 24 hours. We may also reach out to you for assistance getting a response from rental references, this is what may slow the process. You can find our application process here.

The lease start date must begin within 10 days of the approval date. You can find more information about our application processing and approval policy here.

We welcome section 8. You can find our approval criteria here.

Application fees are used to cover the costs to process your application. If we do NOT reach your application in the order received and the rental is no longer on the market, we will refund your application fee to the original form of payment. This may take up to 2 weeks due to credit card or bank processing times.

We would be happy to send a copy of a document that has gone missing. Please see below fees for this service. Email your request to rentals@repsrentals.com and include your name, address including unit number, the type of service from the list below, proof of payment (venmo screenshot or photo of money order) and the document requested. Email must include all of the above information to receive a response. Payment can be made by venmo (@repsrentals) or by mailing a money order.

  • Emailed pdf copy within 7 business days $6
  • Hard copy mailed within 7 business days $10
  • Expedited service +$50

Other services we can provide:

  • Administrative services to complete 3rd party forms within 7 business days and return by email $30
  • Expedited service add +$50
  • Returned hard copies by postal mail +$10

All requests must be emailed to rentals@repsrentals.com. These must include the tenant approval for our company to release the information.

The following links provide information on the Tenant Portal:

Follow the process listed below if you believe that there is a charge or credit posted to your account in error. We are only able to address this concern if you follow the steps outlined.

Charges and credits are all detailed on the full detailed account ledger available in your tenant portal. Please note that your full ledger is different from the payment page on the portal Home page. 

You will find the detailed ledger by following these steps:

  1. Log in to your online portal
  2. Select the Payments tab 
  3. Scroll down to the Account Ledger 
  4. Select View Full Account Ledger 

AFTER you have reviewed the ledger, if you still have a question, you can email us the following:

  1. Date of the specific charge or credit in question
  2. The amount of the specific charge or credit in question
  3. Any explanation of why you believe this to be in error

If you believe that you made a payment that was not applied to the account, email the following to us:

  1. The check or money order number, and the amount it was made out for. AND
  2. A copy of the cleared check from the bank showing that this check was deposited. Or proof that the money order was deposited.

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