Owner Services

Full Service Property Management

REPS is a full-service property management company. Our clients range from first-time investors to corporate investment groups. Our portfolio teams have years of experience managing different assets from maximizing turn-key properties to value-added asset strategies. We work closely with our tenants, owners, and maintenance staff to ensure we provide a seamless operation.

By hiring a property management company and delegating the responsibilities, you can focus on capital growth and enjoying life! Our teams provide proactive, trusted, people-centered property management services for all types of properties, and tailored to our client’s needs. If you become one of our valued clients, the first service we provide is to map the onboarding “projects”, a plan for meeting your property management goals.

Our services include meticulous tenant approval criteria, property onboarding, project assessment, financial management, building management, and marketing. All at some of the most competitive rates in the industry.

Your rental property should be providing you with a return on your investment, not causing you unnecessary stress and headaches.

Your Investment

We will find credible tenants for your property, minimizing vacancy and maximizing your investment portfolio. We are knowledgeable, experienced professionals who understand strategies to work within the tenant and landlord laws within the US. We protect you and your valuable assets.

  • Specialize in protecting landlords from litigation by knowing the laws and thorough documentation of rental properties. Our highly-trained agents are experts in this field.
  • We maintain strong relationships with our tenants to ensure both parties are receiving superior service.
  • Hundreds of properties managed with over a decade of experience in the real estate industry.

Avoid the headache!

  • We assist you in resolving lease issues and evictions.
  • We conduct development viability studies
  • Consult on construction and renovations
  • Manage city & county code enforcement violations
  • Position the property for sale

Preserve your property.

  • We offer Distressed Property Reposition where we offer property rehabilitation and renovation service to improve your market position and tenant profile.
  • If you have a vacant or distressed property, we ensure it is managed by city codes and all violations are addressed. We monitor the at-risk property, secure it and maintain its exterior condition.

Avoid the headache!

  • We assist you in resolving lease issues and evictions.
  • We conduct development viability studies
  • Consult on construction and renovations
  • Manage city & county code enforcement violations
  • Position the property for sale

Financial Management

We manage and administer the funds to ensure maximum cash flow to your rental property. We can ensure timeliness and precision in your financial management. Each month we dispurse to you the net revenue for your investment property. We offer some of the most competitive rates in the industry and offer the finest client support.

Why stress over numbers? We offer comprehensive financial management which includes:

  • Property accounting
  • Property bill payments
  • Security Deposits
  • Monthly cash-flow and P&L reports
  • Year-end reporting and 1099’s
  • Annual budgets and Capex review
For property owners

Comprehensive Tenant Screening

We attract high quality tenants with our thorough screening techniques with our wide-ranging tenant approval criteria. (LINK HERE) We foster meaningful connections with our tenants to ensure your investment is treated with the utmost care and respect.

  • Income and Employment Verification
  • Financial Verification
  • Credit Score Checks
  • Rental Reference Requirements
Approval Criteria

Marketing & Advertising

  • Promoting your property on over 20+ listings to ensure maximum exposure
  • Virtual staging options and 3-D tours
  • Vast social media exposure for your property including Facebook, [What else?]
  • Advanced technology for online applications and 24/7 lead scheduling
  • Professional showing agents who highlight key aspects of your property, answer questions and vet the tenants


  • We have a full-service maintenance team and an owner cost approval process.
  • We offer cost-effective, reliable maintenance coordination.
  • Rest assured knowing the headache is taken of with our 24/7 emergency maintenance response. Let us take on the headache for any mishaps and ensure you our professionals will take care of it.
  • Our professionals schedule and track work to completion. We make certain the tenants and owners claims and concerns are fully addressed.
  • Our entire maintenance and renovation process follows strict work documentation management guidelines.
  • We provide a Spanish language work request option.

Trust our professionals to protect and maximize your investment.